Some of My Work

Hi, my name is Maris

I am a graphic designer and StoryBrand certified marketing guide. Marketing or branding can be very time-consuming when you’re on your own.

I provide marketing, design and web services for business leaders so that their business can attract and help more people.


6 Simple Website Tips That Will Help to Increase Leads

Tell people exactly what you are offering and how that can make their lives…


What Is a Brand And What Is Visual Identity?

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How to save time and money in your upcoming design project

Before you start working with a designer, make sure you prepare the following

How design helps You sell?

The first step is being clear on what You offer. Otherwise, You will lose time and money. You can spend a ton of money on creative, appealing visuals, but it will be noise, without clear words that deliver Your message. Confusing websites create expenses and lose potential clients.


Feel free to ask what ever interests You in my work.

Marupes street 16
Riga, LV-1002

Maris Prindulis
Phone: +371 22186 842

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