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"It has been a genuine pleasure working with Maris. He has excellent skills as both a Storybrand certified guide and with the technical aspects of website design. He has helped me with my rebranding and ensuring my website much more clearly defines what I do and the value I provide. I would highly recommend his services."

— Dr Sunil Raheja, Psychiatrist and Coach

Madara Ulande, Director Of Social Entrepreneurship Association Of Latvia

We were very happy to work with Maris - his commitment and clear vision and design skills were exactly what our organization needed to improve our corporate message and online presence. With the help of his work, we can communicate our story about social entrepreneurship much better. Highly recommend.

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Alejandro Chahin, Mott & Bow founder

I was looking for a UX designer who knew StoryBrand and could help design a landing page for Mott & Bow. Maris delivered a great looking page. Exactly what we needed. Highly recommend.

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Blythe Morrow, Managing Director, PaperSword Agency

I was looking for someone who could deliver great UX designs for my clients in the web development process. Maris design experience was exactly what we needed to impress our clients with great looking website designs. That helped us to win even more business. Highly recommend.

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Wil Brillinger, Owner,

I met Maris through a referral from a friend, and we have worked on various design projects over the past year and a half. Maris has been excellent to work with. He has a very creative mind. I particularly appreciate how he tries to get to the core of the person and project to execute the best possible solution. I would highly recommend working with Maris.

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Rudolfs Dainis Smits, Architect

I needed someone who could design a modern website for my company and provide the right text that creates an engaging story to my clients. I was lucky to work with Maris on my project who did excellent work on both.

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Charles David Kelley, Artist, President, Bridge Builders International

I chose Maris because he has a rare combination of natural artistic ability, extensive experience in a variety of art forms, specific training in marketing and design, plus a most pleasant personality making it easy to work with him. He has helped me with the design of an art exhibition catalogue and my personal art website. He has helped our non-profit organization in similar ways, designing exhibition catalogues and creating relevant websites. I recommend him heartily.

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Hi, my name is Maris

I am a graphic designer and StoryBrand certified marketing guide. Marketing or branding can be very time-consuming when you’re on your own.

I provide marketing, design and web services for business leaders so that their business can attract and help more people.

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How design helps You sell?

The first step is being clear on what You offer. Otherwise, You will lose time and money. You can spend a ton of money on creative, appealing visuals, but it will be noise, without clear words that deliver Your message. Confusing websites create expenses and lose potential clients.


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